Looney Tunes Taz Embossed Wallet


Looney Tunes Embossed "Taz" wallet.

- Cool design -  add some fun into your life with the animated cartoon character from looney tunes Tasmanian devil commonly referred to as taz  and carry your cash in style. This has taz face embossed in front of the brown wallet and a classic art deco style taz  poster print which adorns the interior of the wallet on the brown background. Bring home this funny yet stylish wallet and make this your style statement.

- Elegant and stylish look - carry your cards and cash in with our stylish and cool Taz wallet from looney tunes. Let taz keep an eye on your valuables in this wallet and keep it safe. It’s slim design makes it perfectly fit in your jeans, trousers, and shorts pockets easily.